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In an era that has produced Trump and Brexit can we guarantee that our human rights will always remain? Robert and Edgar are in prison for the simple crime of being gay. They have to make a decision whether to stay true to who they are or play the government at their own game for survival. 

A story about political manipulation and love, persecution and the truth and ultimately human nature.

The equal rights for gay people has never been so strong but would it really take that much for it all to disappear.

The Actors

The Actors

Acushla-Tara Kupe - Mary & Rowan
Marcus Taylor - Edgar & George
Daniel Bellus - Robert & Daniel
Tom Haig - Joe, Frank & Sister
Louise Thomas - Doris & Marjorie
James Georgiou - Owen & Sister

The Creative Team

Writer - Simon Perrott
Director - Aiden O'Beirne
Producer - Connor J. Matthews
Videographer - Joe Roberts
Photographer - Liam Fraser Richardson
Creative Team
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